Cotswolds Chippings

Cotswold Chippings

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Your driveway is an important part of your home. It’s the first thing that you see so it has to look great.
Cotswold chippings, also known as Cotswold gravel limestone, is perfect for Driveways, footpaths, borders and general landscaping. A traditional Cotswold buff colour make these Cotswold Gravel Chippings an ideal choice for an understated yet quality result. Available in natural cream shades to suit any home and perfect to lighten up any sized area.

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Any blocks in your choice of colour and style can be used in the construction of your newly paved driveway, path or patio. These will enhance the appearance, and increase the value of your property, probably by a significantly larger amount than the cost of the project itself. The versatility of block paving/clay paving also allows it to be lifted and re-laid at any given time to allow easy access to any services that may run underneath.

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block paving driveway

Block Paving

Block paving is one of the most popular driveway surface materials. It is a very hard-wearing surface, resistance to scuffing and puddles. It comes in a wide range of styles and colours allowing you to create something that looks unique to your home.
Many homes these days have block paving driveways. If you live in a modern home, it can be relatively easy to identify paving blocks that will compliment your home. Alternatively, you could choose edging paving blocks that create a nice contrasting effect to stand out more. As with colours, patterns are another great way to add a bespoke touch to your drive. Shaped blocks can be used to create decorative features either inside or along the edge of your drive. Again, contrasting colours work well here to create a nice accent.
If you need help looking at the possibilities and options for your driveway, why not give us a call and arrange for one of our team to look at your property, gather your thoughts and make recommendations. We can show you pictures, provide some sample blocks for you to look at and provide a guide quotation so you have an idea of the cost involved.

Shaped blocks can be used to create unique patterns both across your driveway and to create stunning edge designs.
Block paving driveways come in a wide range of colours, probably more than most other surfacing materials. From browns and reds, to blues and grey, you can use these to design a drive that will look both stunning and bespoke to you.



Gravel driveways are a popular alternative to block paving and can offer a more rustic feel to the exterior of your property. We offer three types of gravel - standard, stabilised and resin-bound.
Standard gravel
Standard gravel is an ideal option for a limited budget and can offer you that all important kerb appeal. We work by first removing your existing gravel, block paving or tarmac. We then supply a new gravel surface and install it.
There are additional options such as relaying the sub base and laying new edge restraint, or we can work with your existing foundations if you prefer.



Patterned Concrete is specially mixed to provide a strong, virtually maintenance free surface to areas such as pathways and driveways. Not only is it durable and great to look at, Patterned Concrete will stay clear of weeds, won't sink like paving can and is extremely easy to clean. We have a huge variety of colours and designs to match your taste and budget